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What's involved


Below is a general outline of the stages involved in the development of the designs and submission to the council for planning approval:

  • First there will be a meeting where we will discuss your plans and potential options.
  • We will provide you with an estimate, including a detailed breakdown of all expected fees.
  • If accepted, we will need to schedule and complete accurate and detailed measurements of your home. *Please note that this will take a minimum of several hours for a small home and possibly a full day for a larger home or project.
  • We will produce two sets of drawings for your consideration; one showing your home as it exists, and the second being the preliminary drawings of the design, showing the proposed changes.
  • Together, we will meet and go over all of the drawings.
  • At your discretion, additional meetings will be arranged to further review and update drawings until you are fully satisfied with the proposed plans.
  • Final drawings, including cross section and elevation drawings are completed and checked with you.
  • If you wish, we can submit an Application for Planning or a Lawful Development Certificate to your council. These may not be required in all circumstance and we will advise you as required.
  • We will complete any amendments to the drawings or applications that the council requires in order to get building approval.


When the final design is completed then one can determine what structural changes need to be made. The structural changes need to be calculated in order to make the home safe. The results of the major structural elements are implemented on the drawings, which are provided to building control. In addition the drawings will not only involve structural elements such as beams but also floor joist sizes whilst complying with fire regulation's to meet current building regulations.

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