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Type of basements


We encountered mainly three types of scenarios for basements and further detail is given below:

  • Where we created a basement in the garden and the extension was built on top.
  • Where a basement was created where none was existing.
  • Where a cellar exists.

Basement Type 1

Where an extension in the garden was created we simply created another level below and the retaining walls act as the foundation for the extension.

Another scenario was where we created a half basement as we managed to achieve planning to raise the extension above thus achieving a two level extension without being to intrusive on the neighbours. This enabled the rooms below to have windows which look directly onto the garden. The basement level was larger then the extension above as the extension had not received planning for a full width extension, however we achieved this for the lower ground floor.

Basement type 2

A basement can easily be created where a basement doesn’t exist or if you have a basement and would like to go down another level. The main concern going under an existing slab is the strength of the slab. An engineer will have to assess it. If the slab is inadequate we will have to break through the slab. If breaking through the slab is needed this will cause more inconvenience to you however you will still be able to live in your home whilst this is undertaken.

Another scenario was where we created a basement in the footprint of the house and it was extended to the rear garden where no basement existed before and the ground floor had a concrete slab prior to works commencing.

Basement Type 3

Where a cellar exists which is most common in older houses as it was used for coal storage. These type of basement conversion's normally require no disturbance into the main part of the house until the majority of the works are completed.

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