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Before building an extension one needs to have clear goals of what your expectations are and what you want the extension to achieve. Plans need to be drawn up and see if fits with one's lifestyle. The extension needs also to blend into to its surrounding.

The extension needs to be built under planning or permitted development rights. If planning is involved the process can take two to three months to get consent. In any case building control will need to be notified prior to works commencing.

It might be a good idea to get your neighbours involved at an early stage especially if you want to build on the boundary line. In some cases party wall notices needs to be served.

If you have any services such as gas meters to be moved or new water mains it is best to start the process before works start as these need to be undertaken by specialist contractors and can take some time for appointments to be made.

The method of works and access need to be established before works commence. You might have fragile items which you would like to move or send to storage. We might need to discuss installing a temporary kitchen while the works take place to give you some sort of facilities if the kitchen area is affected. Security also is a concern while the works take place. All these issues and your requirements should be solved before works starts.

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